Mira Eisen was born in 1983 in Jerusalem to a family rich in artists. At the tender age of 7 she began her career in art where she showed her talent in painting. Since the age of ten she has been painting under the tutelage of the famous artist Chaya Rechtshapher. That’s where she acquired the basics of painting, using different techniques such as oil pastels, charcoal sketching, oil painting on canvas, water colors, silk painting, wood engraving and design, airbrush painting, mosaic & glass design, special clay design which gives the oil painting a 3D appearance. Mira is able to use all sorts of brushes; acrylic, rubber, palette knives, airbrushes, sponges and acrylic gesso.

From age 15 to 19 Mira studied sculpture and wood engraving  art under Rachel Roth in Jerusalem – while continuing to paint with oil and watercolors.

Over the years she earned herself a reputation and was commissioned by institutions in Israel and worldwide to paint murals in her own unique style.

At the age of 23 Mira was hired by Elazar Shushan’s studio “Jewish Art” where she specialized in Judaica paintings on parchment: gouache, silk, oil and watercolor. That’s where her unique style took shape, while developing an ability to revive black and white sketches into oil paintings.

In her youth Mira joined decoration projects within “Beth Yaakov” schools, painting school murals. This earned her a reputation within the community as a painter as well as teacher of enrichment classes in schools, workshops and art courses for girls.

Mira went on to study at the “Tiferet” Institute for Art, founded by artist Yossi Rosenstein, under artist Rebecca Jacobovitz. There she perfected her painting style in the classic Flemish technique.

In 2007 Mira was invited by the Jewish Museum in Bbirobizan to paint a mural at the entrance to the museum. A year later she was invited by the institutions “Or Avner” in Nikoleav, Ukraine to paint murals throughout the building.

Mira’s paintings are characterized by a classic realistic style with a touch of surreal. Mira’s oil paintings are marked by a dramatic effect, leaving a strong impression on the viewer.

A significant part of Mira’s paintings are inspired by Gustav Dore’s Bible paintings. Mira revives his black and white paintings into oil on canvas, using a broad palette of colors,  adding a dramatic and powerful touch.

Mira’s drawings and paintings find their expression using a virtuosic technique. They possess all the essential elements for a valuable piece – a striking composition, color combinations, serious drama, Surrealism alongside precision, which pique the viewer’s interest to discover the message behind the art.

In some of Mira’s pictures the landscape is not the goal itself, it serves merely as the background to a deeper message.

Mira excels in very impressive technical qualities of painting – she goes into the details that have a connection to the main message. The play and interaction of natural light and shadow creates a unique atmosphere. One cannot remain indifferent towards the power expressed in her artistic creations.

Mira’s paintings have been exhibited in Israel – on the artists alley in Safed and Jerusalem’s Old City.