YAHAD | Spring 2006

This is an article about the artist Mira Cohen (Eisen) from the newspaper “Yahad” from spring 2006.

With paint and brushes I can bring attention to the values of Judaism.

In this article, the artist Mira Cohen talks about herself, her family, and her background in art.

She was born in 1985 to an artistically inclined family in Jerusalem. She began to study art at an early age and as she advanced she studied in the Tiferet art school. Her aunt and her grandmother, both artists, were an important part of her growth as an artist.

In her paintings, Mira Cohen uses elements that come from Flamand School of Art. She
defines her artistic style as classic realism with some use of surrealism. She often depicts
stories from Tanach and uses dramatic subjects and scenery in her art.
Mira Cohen worked for a religious educational network in Ukraine. She felt through her
art she would be able to explain the values of Judaism to those estranged from it. Being in
Ukraine, she utilized the opportunity to work in the open air as she felt connected to nature and drew inspiration from it.
Mira’s artwork leaves an unforgettable impression upon all those who view it. She
places a lot of attention to the details of the central subject of her paintings. The play of light and shade creates a special atmosphere.